Halo Lit Letters

If you have ever driven past any shopping centre at night, then you are probably familiar with the effectiveness of illuminated channel letter signs, the most common type of illuminated letters.

Halo lit letters are used to create a unique aura around the signage and are the aesthetic choice preferred by high end retail, professional offices or residencies.

Halo lit individual letters and logos provide a subtle lighting effective which can be incorporated into many sign and display product. The light reflects back off the solid face of the sign onto the fašade of the building creating what is known as the halo effect. Letters are usually placed an inch off the wall. As the spacing from the wall increases, the light spill will be less defined.

Halo lit channel letters are usually used for exterior signage, which look very elegant. PrintSign fabricate these sign letters witch are expertly crafted to meet the exact requirements.

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