Reflective Vehicle Markings

Vehicles that can be seen are safer. That is a fact that is recognised by specific regulations and acknowledged best practice, both of which require high conspicuity markings to be used on a range of vehicles.

Complying with regulations the use of reflective graphics and chevrons on highway maintenance vehicles helps to keep workers safe in poor visibility working conditions.

Reflective graphics not only provide safety but can provide a commercial enhancement over regular graphics when the vehicle is more active at night. Advertising vehicles such as stretch limos and taxis that cruise our cities at night time can catch the eyes of consumers in out towns and city centres.

PrintSing has been supplying high visibility, reflective vehicle markings and conspicuity liveries to emergency services and other organisations. During design, materials selection, manufacture and application, high quality combined with minimised, predictable cost of ownership is fundamental to our processes.

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